My Frozen Obsession

I’ll be the first to admit: I liked Frozen. Perhaps a little too much.

Something about the movie just really struck me. At first, I watched the movie and paid it no more mind. But as I began to think more about it, I started to really love it.

Some time before the OUAT season finale, I became excited when the directors talked about bringing Frozen into the show, I got excited. Then I watched the season finale.

[SPOILERS] I completely forgot about the Outlaw Queen (Regina+Robin Hood) detriment and screamed with excitement.

So, my point is that I do Frozen. I figure this is a great way to start off by telling a little about myself. Even if this is more trivial than something else.

But this all amounts to one thing [SPOILERS]: I was nearly in tears when Frozen left Once Upon a Time. I had held out hope that the Frozen characters would stay on the show. Alas, this didn’t happen.

My point stands: I really liked Frozen.

Also, said film fulfilled that one wish of punching the villain in the face.


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