The Fate of Clara Oswald: Is she in a coma?

Not the entire season. And yes, I am a whovian. Big time.

Basically, the Christmas special of Doctor Who is supposedly dark. But even before that, even before I saw the trailer, I kept thinking, “is she in a coma?” Let me just point out that I’m not even completely sold on this, but I do have a point.


download (4)

Basically, there are a couple things that add for this theory. In the Christmas special, I believe Clara is in a coma. Why? Death in Heaven?


I know that maybe this may seem too dark… really dark… for Doctor Who, but maybe she purposefully put herself into this coma in an attempt to die? Be with Danny? It’s been said that Death in Heaven and what happened there will be addressed.

Let’s just look at some of the points.

Firstly: The Christmas Special seems nonsensical.

Aliens vs Santa Claus. Santa, apparently, crashing on her roof. The Doctor suddenly appearing and telling her to get inside the TARDIS. Does he represent the side that wants her to live?

Also, and this may be a stretch, but the tangerine. I could just say that tangerines add to the nonsensical thing of this all, but…

There is a band called Tangerine Dream. Dream? Also, tangerines defend against heart attacks and strokes, but again… this is a stretch.

Another idea I for this was that, on the blackboard, when she’s erasing, it spells out, “you are dying.”


1. Grief with Danny’s Death

2. Very Nonsensical

3. Tangerines

4. The Blackboard

5. Supposed to be “Dark”

Again, I could be wrong, but I guess we’ll see on Christmas Day, when Santa Claus comes to Doctor Who. I hope I am wrong, because this would be a gut-puncher. The last time I called a death and I was right… (spoilers)


Yeah… sorry.



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