Fan Shippings

I don’t loathe fan shippings.

Shipping (noun): A name for a couple, usually two. Ex.: Tessie (Tony and Jessie [Jessie])

While I do like the ideas, there are a few I find… disturbing, or seriously weird. I’ll get a lot of hate for expressing my opinions on a few of these, but I need to do it somewhere.

Let me start with Wreck-It Ralph shipping: Jawbreaker (Ralph x Vanellope).

NO! No! She’s about 8 years old! He’s 40! It’s not even realistic! It’s supposed to be father-daughter relation, not boyfriend-girlfriend! This isn’t Broadchurch (look it up)!

Now here’s one that connects to my next topic; Relsa (Ralph x Elsa [Frozen]).

Same reason! She’s 21! He’s 40! This isn’t like Doctor Who! This is just creepy. Also, clashing personalities.

Speaking of which, Helsa (Hans x Elsa). Spoilers ahead for Frozen.

D-Does- really? People want this?! There are three reasons this would, in no way possible, ever work out. Seriously, people ship them?

1. He emotionally manipulated your sister

2. He tried to kill your sister

3. He tried to kill you

4. He tried to usurp your throne

5. Said, and I quote to your sister, who you cherish dearly, “If only somebody loved you.”

Something tells me these factors would not work well in a relationship. Something, I can’t put my finger on it…

download (5)

On top of that… well, we were going to have to get into incest eventually. These are probably intended for AU homosexual stories, but none the less, they enter.

AU (adjective, noun): used to describe a fan fiction that changes the canon utterly; a fan fiction that changes canon utterly. Ex: Two characters become related or unrelated, someone becomes a villain or hero in the beginning, someone dies

Since we’re on the topic still, let’s talk about Elsanna. Yes, it’s real.

SISTERS! SISTERS! INCEST ISN’T EVEN ALOUD! IT DISTURBS ME! Ugh, I feel dirty talking about it. Why, why on God’s (or whoever you worship) green Earth ship that?

Speaking of incest, let’s talk Wincest.

As Dean put it, “you know their brothers?” It’s- it’s- why?

You know you’re doing something wrong with a ship if both the characters AND the actors feel uncomfortable with it.

So, what was the point of this article besides giving me a way for conversation? Some people on the internet are really weird in fan fiction. So, stay safe, and Merry Christmas.

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here do not actually represent the personal views of the blog author.

**Disclaimer: The first disclaimer is false. This blog completely represents the personal views of the blog author.


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