The Best Frozen Fan-Fiction Ever

I have not seen too many good Frozen fan fictions. Even my own I feel is bad, but that’s up to you.

This is just a shameless promotion for a really great Frozen fan fiction.

Realistic dialogue, sensible and interesting plot, character development, expanse of the world, and just plain fantastic!

If you liked Frozen, and still await a sequel, I have already counted this into canon, for me, at least: Summer Snowstorms (not my story, P.S.)

Other than advertising, I just want to point out that most Frozen fan fictions I’ve read need work. Just an opinion, though.

Update: I, Stooky Sauce, among other names, retract my statement. I have found a one-shot that is fantastic. Second favorite (sorry, but this is great)!

Link: The Snow Princess


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