The Thing about LXG/Harry Potter

[Spoilers Below for both)

Keep in mind I have not actually read Volume III of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG for short, and look it up, it’s really cool), but I basically know a few things about it.

I am a fan of LXG and Harry Potter, but now every time I look at the latter, I can’t help but think of the former and “Anti-Christ.”

In Volume III, it is revealed that Tom Riddle was possessed by someone named Oliver Haddo, a major villain, who created Harry as a moonchild, or Anti-Christ, by marking him with the scar, AKA “the mark of the beast.”

All of his adventures are faked to boost his confidence, and everyone is blackmailed into fawning (?) over him. His magical powers come from his Anti-Christ abilities, and after finding this out, he kills everyone in Hogwarts (the invisible college) and beheads the headmaster, Tom Riddle, but Haddo is still alive.

All that happy stuff Harry was going to have? Gone, I guess. TYATL (tell you about that later).

He then shaves his head, puts a band-aid on the scar, and lives in the middle of nowhere. With eyes all over his head. Moving on…

I have said to myself that I want to count LXG as canon for everything, but after screwing up Harry Potter into the origin of the Anti-Christ… can’t believe Moore wasn’t sued.

I can see why he chose Harry of all characters though: not only is he famous (and at the time of publication, extremely popular with the movies), but this is ironic.

Die-hard Christians (and I mean very religious) accuse magic, and therefore Harry Potter, of Satanic origin. Magic always equals evil, for them. That’s why Alan Moore, writer of LXG, used Harry. It was implied irony.

But what happened to everyone else? This is my problem with including LXG into Harry Potter canon. That and also he is the ANTI-CHRIST.

What happened to Ron and Hermione? Did the Weasleys and Granger really not like him? What about his family? Albus Severus Potter?

Maybe Volume IV, if we get any, should go over that. Something…


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