Alternate Scenes to “For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)”

Two. Two alternate scenes I’ve found. One fan scene, one an official deleted scene.

I honestly would have taken the others. Reprise was really good, I’m not saying it’s not, but these really capture an emotional side of Frozen. Again, not that it’s never did.

One thing I do find very interesting is that both display an emotion in Anna that we have rarely seen in… anything, really;  anger. (Copy and paste into the bar).

This is the song, “Life’s Too Short,” a replacement for the reprise. This shows how Anna and Elsa slowly reconnect, only for this to quickly deteriorate when Anna brings up taking Elsa home. Elsa opens the door and tells Anna to leave, and… well, you’ll see.

I just really liked showing their contrast. But anger and a “prophecy” that is brought up are the reasons this song was taken out.

Now for the fan picture.

what was probably going through anna's mind when she found elsa at her ice palace (original location of photo)

What’s the word I’m looking for? This also shows the rare anger, but unlike the last one, this seems to be  the slightest more apparent (pun intended).

It shows Anna’s actual feelings towards her isolation. Not just that she can’t stand it any longer, but how she felt over time. Really, more that Elsa wouldn’t even come out in memory of their parents.

Even if this was official, this was a plot point I think would have taken a while to really wrap. Also, they needed a musical number in this spot. Still, at the least, and I quote, this is, “what was going through Anna’s mind when she found Elsa at her ice palace.”

Expertly drawn, perfectly emotional, and really what would run through anyone’s mind, this is a favorite of mine. And I just found it today!

Well, sorry if I depressed you. I just wanted to show you guys these amazing scenes that could have been.


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