Many words come to mind when you think of Frozen. Awesome, true love, annoyance (for some people…). But one word that doesn’t come to mind is C-section!

A recent app to the app store, unauthorized by Disney, thank goodness, has the player give Anna, one of the female protagonists, a C-SECTION to help deliver her baby, with a heart monitor. It’s for kids! I can see medical aspects, if any, but for kids?

It’s not even realistic. Heart monitors are more modern, and probably didn’t exist around the time of 1840 (apparently, when Frozen takes place).

Just, why? Why would anyone do that? Well, at least we don’t have anything this graphic for Elsa-

[The following line has been removed for excessive cursing, mutterings, and threats.]

Now that’s over… yeah. Thanks for listening to my vents.


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