Frozen-Tangled-Tarzan-The Little Mermaid-Beauty and the Beast-Big Hero 6-Bolt-Aladdin Connection… Plausible Edition

I’ll posts a link to the original video later, but right now, I need to improve on this strange theory, considering how improbable it seems.

So, if you haven’t already heard of the Frozen-Tangled-Tarzan-The Little Mermaid connection, Anna, Elsa, and Rapunzel are cousins. The ship in The Little Mermaid, is the one of Arendelle’s King and Queen. The parents survived, landed on the island, and had Tarzan, only to be killed by something else (Frozen supposedly takes place in 1840, according to some sources I’ve seen online, Tarzan also in that century).

Jane from Tarzan is supposed to be Beauty and the Beast’s Belle’s descendant.

Big Hero 6 features Hans in a wanted photo and Bolt in a picture with the police man. He also has that security guard from Bolt. Maybe they were divorced? Maybe the police man had also been Penny’s dad, or just liked the show?

Also, SUPPOSEDLY Sebastian had a cameo in Aladdin.

download (1)

Let’s say Hans goes to the Middle East of the film and finds the lamp after being imprisoned there, only to get stuck in it for 200 years and end up in San Fransokyo, one way or another becoming a criminal? Perhaps he finds Arendelle descendants and kidnaps them.

Perhaps I’ll do a theory later, but this one just deletes some of the more improbable parts from the theory seen here.


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