The CGI Disney Theory (in other words, the shameless Pixar Theory rip-off)

This post will just be personal thoughts. This will be a theory, another Disney theory, connecting all of Disney’s CGI movies since 2005… hopefully. Walt Disney, specifically, CGI.

•Chicken Little

•Meet the Robinsons


•A Christmas Carol


•Mars Needs Moms

•Wreck-It Ralph


•Big Hero 6

The point of this is just to exercise the connections. I’ve seen so much talk about Frozen-Tangled-Little Mermaid, plus Tarzan. Yet no one cares to talk about the other movies. How many Disney movies truly exist within one another?

Operation: Pixar Rip-Off is ago. Also, I’m not going to include Planes, seeing as it is technically from Pixar.

Let’s start from the beginning, using magic. Frozen and Tangled, by now you should know this connection, but look it up to be sure. Space, already, has an effect on Earth, with a drop of sunlight creating a flower, which gives Rapunzel her powers. It is with this this theory that the magic we see may not be magic at all, but technology from space… wow.

Did I just say that?

This then leads to the origin of Elsa’s powers: alien experimentation. Abducting Elsa at an early age. The sundrop was an experiment. Tangled shows aliens indirectly affecting humans, only to take on a bigger involvement following Frozen and A Christmas Carol.

[To elaborate, Elsa gets her powers when she is abducted by aliens very early on, giving her the ability of cryokinesis (ice manipulation). So it is not magic, but aliens playing with the fabric of life, that results in Elsa’s ice abilities.]

The ghosts all were created by the aliens, exercising their technological capabilities on one man. In other words, resurrection with a side of subliminal mind control. They managed to coerce a greedy man into the most charitable in town.

These aliens continue to experiment on humans, and begin to expand onto animals. They began to go from will to intelligence.

download (3)download (2)download (4)

These three, with super-intelligence, were given super-intelligence, at least by their standards. A cat is literally able to threaten pigeons into giving her food, and a dog manages to travel cross-country back to his owner! Louis is able to build a time machine, and Hiro can build robots and armor.

It is also this human intelligence that leads to the creation of a digital, intelligent world, the world of Wreck-It Ralph. How else would they have gotten such “jobs” and been digitally created to do these jobs? They even learn to get bored of their jobs!

As this alien species experiments on humans and other animals, other species begin to take a keen interest in the Earth population. Mainly, the Martian population with reproduction problems.

Martians listen in on these aliens’ experiments, and begin kidnapping Earth mothers, until Milo from the flop Mars Needs Moms stops “the Supervisor” and changes life on Mars.

However, because of this, the aliens would probably end up realizing they may have gone too far, and retract from their experiments. But it is too late. 200-300 years of experimentation, and the animals begin to develop on their own. Intelligent animals begin to overthrow the humans, either killing them off, nearly exterminating them, or kicking them off the planet.

Either way, we end up with Chicken Little.

download (5)

The CGI animated world of Disney… connected, and fully tackled by beings from space. I’m thinking those aliens from Chicken Little are the ones who have created this timeline.

Like the Pixar Theory, I’ll update this with every new movie. If you find a hole, feel free to tell me below. If you come up with your own addition, tell me below. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a Disney Detective.



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  1. Here’s your first ever comment.

    Also, this makes sense. Seeing how it all comes down to CL ties it all together. Also, they go beyond reality, which therefore the aliens from CL create this entire timeline. I mean, seriously? How did Elsa get her powers? Aliens? She wasn’t just BORN with them!


    • Yes she was. The director said it was due to an alignment of Saturn. Plus, the Troll’s line at the beginning about “born with the powers? or cursed?” suggests that this is a thing that has happened before. Maybe that’s how Rapunzel occurred?


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