I have been broken…

Game Theory has been one of my favorite Youtube shows to date. It has given me so much to think about, and, of course, ruined games for all. I have usually been able to debunk those…

Until today.

Matthew Patrick has officially created a theory that I can’t disagree with. Too much evidence. Readers, click the link, then finish the article.


Now you see it.

So, to review:

– The toads aren’t mushrooms, but infected spores who took over the citizens

– Peach is the one who infected the citizens and took over as a Cordyceps.

– The Goombas defected because of the infection, and are the true mushrooms

– Bowser is attempting to rescue Peach, or try to use her to reverse its affects, but Mario keeps taking her back to the kingdom.

So, what about the other characters. For Mario, he may have been promised fame and fortune. The fungi have been attacking neighboring kingdoms, maybe? Mario just serves the highest bidder. All those other characters try to destroy the kingdom to save themselves, but fall victim instead.

The Yoshi… guess they just went along.

I swear, someone has to compile a list of the video game world through MatPat’s eyes…

So, like I said, Matthew has bested me. I can’t win against this theory.

Or can I…?


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