What Should Happen in Frozen 2

I know, I know, I covered this before.

And I know, I know, most readers are probably not too fanatical over the film anymore.

And I know, I know, there’s probably very few of you who are still reading right now.

Hear me out, because this isn’t just a fan thing. This is an actual analysis I was thinking about.

So Frozen 2 was a risky, if not somewhat expected, move by Disney and everyone involved. Done right, they will be reeling in more cash than counterfeiters, and break the trend of Disney sequels and musical sequels alike. Done wrong… they will be looking at the biggest upset in history since Grease 2, The Little Mermaid 2, and maybe even box office bombs such as “47 Ronin” (2013) and “The 13th Warrior” (1999).

So how do I think this is best done?

I’m no expert, but here we go (Also, notice how I haven’t said the title of the original yet).

The plot, in my head, is a villain. But one that doesn’t just threaten the kingdom, but also makes them look differently at each other and themselves. I’m talking about a popular theory, the other snow queen.


I have a few questions about the costume.


No, a different one.

Perhaps the one from the original tale. Perhaps not. I don’t know. But an evil Snow Queen as the yin to Elsa’s yang. I thought of them meeting as Arendelle trying to establish new trading partners after some withdraw, possibly in fear, and making the already somewhat unstable Queen Elsa self-conscious.

As a result, Arendelle is set to establish trade with a new kingdom (insert name here). And because it needs more emotion, I figured there should be some sort of musical argument between Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. It may sound stupid, but think about. Everyone loves the bond between the two sisters, but every bond must be tested. Plus, how awesome would it be if a song in vain of “Life’s Too Short” made it to the big screen?

Anyway, Anna goes to the kingdom to establish trade, only to find it very cold and, for lack of a better word, frozen, but they attribute this to the cold climate. I guess I shouldn’t get too much into the plot, but let’s leave it at things don’t go too well.

That’s just my theory. What do you think is going to happen in the sequel? And if you so much as even think helsa, you don’t say anything. Or Elsanna. For that matter, any weird, or for that matter creepy, shippings.


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